22 December 2007

Canada postage stamp- Want to learn the history behind

Canada postage stamp- Want to learn the history behind by Frank Vanderlugt

Canada postage stamp- Want to learn the history behind

If you are a student of Canadian history or connoisseur of art, Canada postage stamp is definitely a object of affection and interest for you. The rich and culturally diverse experiences attached with Canada posts have added to the vibrancy of the whole thing and today Canada postage stamps boast of a multitude of experiences and influences over a period of time. A look at the Canada postage history is an extremely must for you to have a peep into the dynamism of present state of affairs. Let us dwell into the past a little bit to throw some light on then varied and collectible Canada postage stamps.

Canada post stamps are released at various important historical occasions to mark the history with all its foot prints. Thus when Canada celebrated the 50th anniversary of its national library in the year 2003, the Canada posts released four new postage stamps to commemorate the historical event and remember the great authors who have contributed to the cause of Canada cultural heritage and its literature.

Canada posts have their own and dedicated website called www.canadapost.ca. If you want to order the commemorative Canada postage stamps, you can order the same online through this website.

The site attracts a large number of hits by those who want to learn more about Canada history and its postage history in particular. Canada posts have also issued a number of other postage stamps to remember the historic events such as introduction of new national flag by Canada in the year 1965.

The national flag remains till date one of the most popular issue of Canada postage stamps. The Commonwealth parliamentary meeting in the year 1977 was also marked by another issue of Canada postage stamps and so was the year 1990 when the whole of Canada celebrated 25th anniversary of the new national flag. The 50 years of NATO celebration was also kick started by launch of special Canada postage stamps which were highly appreciated all over the world.

Thus Canada postage history is replete with a rich and culturally active participation in all events of national and international importance.

Canada postage stamps are known all over the world for their rich cultural heritage and fine blend of tradition with modernity. Canada posts also encourage people to participate in proposing the postage stamps subjects.

Almost 50 stamps covering a broad range of around 20 subjects are released every year by the Canada posts and a number of such issues are based on the active participation of Canadian people. You can also keep the Canadian historical events in perspective by buying Canada postage stamps released at frequent intervals. When you do so, you pass on the rich cultural heritage of Canada history for the next generations.

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